We have come across a lot of cases where people have reacted to being cheated upon. First and foremost, it is a totally terrible thing to do.

On top of that, if the cheater is dealt a hand of some fresh karma, it just makes the situation better. In this case, a wife found her husband cheating on her with another woman. Usually, one would just pack their bags and move on. Not this wife, however. She had other things in mind. Other, better things.

This wife has dealt with the ‘other woman’ in a very hilarious manner. Although the situation is quite serious, she manages to keep it humorous as well as authoritative.

What did she do?

This wife, whose name is undisclosed, had something way better in mind than just moving on. What did she was that she wrote a letter to the ‘other woman.’

This letter was a very angry one, and it was sent online. It was vicious by all means but made some pretty solid points. Why don’t we delve into it?

The Letter!

The letter starts off with her saying thanks to the other woman, whose name is Jennifer, apparently, for leaving bite marks all over her husband’s chest. The sarcasm does not end here, however, as she says thank you for showing her and her kids what sort of a person their father was.
Moreover, she made her a list of essential rules that would better be followed. Here’s where it gets better.

  1. In the first rule, she is openly telling her some truths. She starts off with how he should support their children like they deserve to be supported. She openly says he should support them financially. She also adds that since she has been a stay at home mom for the eleven years of the marriage, he has to pay her alimony. She ends with “forget about his money honey cause it’s mine!”
  2. She goes on with the most hilarious thing. Claiming his wardrobe to be all hers, she suggests the other woman to buy him new clothes as she will be taking all of his old ones. She then finishes this rule by giving her the suggestion to buy new flashy clothes for the man!
  3. This time she explains how he will have to be free every other weekend for their kids. She also says how she’ll be banned from these visits as her children want to be safe. She also degrades the woman. And in this situation, rightfully so!
  4. She also warns her to never give him back. Being a good wife, she says he messed up big time, even though he had everything he ever wanted. She also tells her to not be surprised when she can’t meet his standards!
  5. She warns her further by telling her that he will blame her for everything as she said “I hope your wife sees this.” And she did.
  6. Additionally, she says that she will keep on mentally tormenting him. She will make him feel the pain her kids have felt and will never back off. She also says how she’ll never find out, and that she feels like her actions are completely justified.
  7. In the end, she says thank you to Jennifer, for making her see where she and her kids stand. She also shows no sadness at losing her husband as she believes she is better off without such a horrible human being in life, that too as her spouse.

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