Texting Secrets That Will Make Him Chase Even More

Anxious and concerned about your approach in your relationship? Thinking about the tactics, you should use to turn your boyfriend to your other half.
Since we’re all busy, and yes, it can be tough to find time to correctly show your man how much you love the things he does for you. However, the good news is you can do this in a tremendously powerful and quick way. You can ‘text’ him!

Everybody is texting and apparently, texting is here to stay. Therefore, you should be acutely aware of the science of good texting to flirt, have fun or to improve your relationship base. In addition, so many women are worried about their relationships, and the reason is not having adequate communication with their partner.

Mentioned below are some enthralling texting secrets that will reignite the spark with your man, these messages will help revive the situation?

Remove the question marks

‘‘There is a party tonight at John’s house, do you want to come tonight and join us?’’

This kind of text messages makes your impression as uncertain, hesitant, nervous and many times confused. In addition, no one likes to date a panicky and indecisive girl.

Putting question marks means you are giving them something to reject. And if
So, eliminate your question marks. And if you want someone to go out with you, text him this, “There will be a party tonight at John’s house, you should come!” or “I’ll be waiting for you in the party at John’s house!”. Another message could be “John has arranged a party tonight at his place, we’ll meet up there.”

The certainty while using the right way will communicate a deeper level of confidence that you want him to see in you.

Use visual language

Men are visual creatures and can’t resist visual language. They like getting messages that are more descriptive and can evoke feeling. For example, if you want to motivate him, instead of sending him plane text messages, send him any pictures having an inspirational quote. Alternatively, send him your video motivating him. Seeing your face with a smile and listening to your voice motivating him will not only boost him up but it will also make him feel more connected and coupled.

Be a bit mysterious

This seems a bit crazy but always don’t tell everything about you. Let him ask. And even if you are saying something about you, make sure you left something important for him to ask. Let him ask!

For example, if you’re telling him about your taste in music, only say to him about the genre you like or the artists you love to listen. Let him ask about the songs of that genre or the most popular or beautifully composed songs of that singer.

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