Struggling Mother Was Sitting At McDonalds When The Cashier Handed Her A Note

Are good deeds truly good deeds if you do it for that innately good feeling you derive? Regardless, it is amazing and heartwarming to see stories of people being kind to one another. An anonymous woman posted a rather touching story to her Facebook account. She was enjoying a summer drink at the fast food chain when she saw a single woman walk in alone.

She sits in the corner and just waits. Doesn’t order a drink or food, just simply sits down and waits.

A man walks in with her son and she scolds him by telling him that he should have been here an hour ago. His curt response was: ‘well I’m here and here he is.’

As he is about to turn around and leave the mother and the child, the woman asks the man to spare a couple of dollars so that she can get a cheeseburger for herself since she only has enough money for their son’s Happy Meal.

She asks: ‘hey, do you have a couple dollars so I can get a cheeseburger? All I have is enough for his happy meal.’ Making sure no one is watching or within earshot, the man says ‘damn you, starve.’

The woman sadly shakes her head and walks to the counter to order her son’s happy meal. The teen at the counter tells her she is short 37 cents.

The obviously single mother goes back into her car to rummage for the loose change to cover the outstanding balance.

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