Police Killer Walked Into Court & Everyone Saw What the fuck Happened To His Face

The police is a tight-knit community. It is not uncommon for police officers from various parts of the world to attend the funeral of a fallen man or woman they have never met. It is this bond of knowing you are putting your life on the line daily, to protect and to serve. Esteban Carpio was escorted into court wearing a mask and unrecognizable face. His family and friends almost fainted when they saw him. They could hardly recognize him and the first thing they did was cry out police brutality and throw a fit.

But they shouldn’t feel bad for the man with the broken face. They should feel bad for the family and friends of Detective James L. Allen whose life was taken away by Carpio in a completely avoidable situation.

His family immediately accused the force of police brutality. A day earlier, Carpio was charged with the killing of Providence Police Detective Sgt. James L. Allen, in Rhode Island.

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