New Netflix Horror Film Is So Terrifying People Are Having To Turn It Off

A new Netflix horror film has horror fans proclaiming it to be the scariest film ever made. Veronica, a new Spanish language horror movie directed by Paco Plaza, has people turning it off before even finishing because it is proving to be so frightening. The Hollywood Reporter says Veronica has “some great child performances, plenty of stylistic chutzpah and a strong sense of place.”

Since it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, Veronica has received almost universal acclaim from critics and horror fans alike. The film follows a young girl who uses a Ouija board to contact the dead. Unfortunately, she connects with the wrong spirit and faces supernatural challenges that are both frightening and unnerving.

The Netflix horror film is yet another movie that is “based on actual events,” however the director is obviously taking some liberties with what actually happened. As the story goes, in 1992 a young girl called 911 after playing with a Ouija board. She was then hospitalized, but died shortly after.

Veronica, like other horror films before it, plays on the tropes of psychological horror, making the viewer wonder if everything happening is real or not.

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The Netflix horror film features such familiar horror elements as a ouija board, possession, a blood-stained mattress, and even an exposition spouting, smoking nun named Sister Narciso.

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