If Your Man Does These 15 Things With You He Loves You A Lot

There is no hard and fast rule as to determine if your man really loves you or if it’s just a superficial relationship. However there are certain things that he might do with you who will suggest that your relationship will only get stronger with each passing day. These behaviors are an indication about him attracted to you head over heels and want to strengthen the relationship.

1. He is a very careful listener

First thing that really tells if he cares about you or not is his ability to actually listen to what you have to say. The more empathy he has with you the more attracted you will become to him. Now pretending empathy is not sustainable so it pretty much means he is actually trying to understand you better and want to contribute with some helpful advice. Sometimes they will know when you only want someone to lend you an ear and they would gladly oblige.

2. He will get into arguments with you

Any relationship becomes stronger when both find certain disagreements on certain points and try to resolve those conflicts by facing them head on. If your guy just simply distances himself from such discomforts he is not prioritizing you or the relationship as important. He is a keeper if he works his way through the argument and resolve conflicts which suggests he values your relationship very much.

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