This Is What Makes You Good in Bed, According to Your Zodiac Sign


If there even was a sign to put some serious thought into their relationships, it’s this one. The thinking part doesn’t go away even when their heart is pounding and they’re raring to get it on. The Libras, hence, would not usually want to take a relationship to the next level until and unless they’re really sure about it. So if one shares a bed with them, they may almost be sure of a serious commitment. Of course, this all depends on one’s belief in the governance of zodiac signs.

Libras would put in quite a bit of hard work in the physical aspect of a relationship too. They would find out just what their partner likes and make sure to master that skill. The lucky people they o to bed with are thus wholly satisfied at the end of the experience.


Scorpios are generally known for their highly charged emotions. When they do feel something, they feel it with a vengeance. In a relationship, this could mean mad love, crazy sex, and absolute focus on the other person.

So if someone is with a Scorpio, they can expect all kind of favors in bed. This is because this sign doesn’t mess around when it comes to pleasuring those they care for. However, they may not be able to express their own needs so much. It is hence up to their partner to make them realize that they have anything of the sort.


Sagittarians are notoriously known for breaking hearts wherever they go. They may treat the sexual aspect of a relationship like a game. However, they would make it a good and sincere game if they really care about someone.

In fact, Sagittarians may even perform amazingly because of the goal they have in mind. They could hence want to have the best experience or give their partner one, or both.

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