This Is What Makes You Good in Bed, According to Your Zodiac Sign


The sign of the crab is a deeply sensitive and emotional one. Cancers hence usually go into their shell and rarely come out unless they’re completely comfortable. They may hence shy away from being too voluble or outspoken when it comes to sexual matters.

On the upside, this sort of quietness does hide a lot of spirit. Most of the hiding away is for protecting themselves. When Cancers find out that they have no need to do so with their partner, watch out! The resulting lovemaking can be quite hot and heavy, even if it takes time to get there.


Of course, this fiery sign has its own share of drama, love of spontaneity, and a strong romantic streak. If you’re a Leo, you would probably go big and bold on the lovemaking. You would be starting with candles, foreplay, lingerie…the list goes on.

The gestures with a Leo are large and loving, and there’s no second-guessing their advances. There might be quite a bit of drama and foreplay involved as well. This would keep both partners interested and into each other.


Just because it’s called ‘doing the nasty’ doesn’t mean one has to be hardcore about it. There’s a caring and caring side to sex as well, and probably no one emulates it better than Virgos. Virgos tend to get attached very quickly in matters of the heart. They show these emotions in and out of bed, and their partners should highly appreciate them for it.

If Virgos do get seriously attracted to their partners, they should get ready for a sexual roller coaster in bed. Those born under this sign could be serious sexual wonders when put to the test.

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