Iceland Will Supposedly Pay You $2000 a Month If You Marry An Icelandic Woman

Sounds like something from a bachelors crazy dream. One morning you wake up and go online to find that you can search from thousands of Icelandic women online to pick your perfect match, you then get to marry one of these European beauties and even get paid a monthly salary of $2,000 to do so. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe, but many men from around the world thought, “If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” It is the dream after all, but is it for real, or just a hoax?

The Icelandic Dream

In late June of 2016, the rumor mill began churning with stories that Iceland’s government was paying large sums of money to foreigners if they came into the country to marry an Icelandic woman. The reasoning behind this push for the government to marry off their girls? There just wasn’t enough men in Iceland to couple them all. And so the government sought help elsewhere to fill the void.

Men Gone Wild

When news of this proposition hit, men all over the world began to go wild with excitement at this enticing offer, they began contacting The Danish Embassy in hordes seeking applications to marry one of these women in exchange for cold hard cash. The inquiries started from Egypt and soon traveled to many other parts of the world, no culture exempt from the desire to participate in this opportunity.

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