High School Send Student Home After Claiming Her Breasts Were Visible Through Her Shirt

Feminism has erupted onto the scene in modern times, as women are finally being taken seriously by establishing themselves as equals in society. In fact, so potent is the argument for women’s rights, that feminism has begun to be taught in classrooms around the world. Well, in every classroom except for Kaitlyn Juvik’s, it seems.

The high school student from Montana caused a frenzy online when she was sent home for wearing no bra underneath a black t-shirt. Juvik was punished with a dress code violation which left her seething and ready to fight for justice.

Helena High School sent the teenager home for her inappropriate attire after another student complained that the way she was dressed made them feel “uncomfortable”.

Humiliated but determined to address issues on her school’s dress code, Juvik made a plan to fight her case and change the way girls are allowed to dress at school.

Taking to Facebook, Juvik wrote a post in which she publicly shamed her school for their actions. To illustrate her point, she included a snapshot of herself wearing the controversial top, to ask her friends for their opinion.

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