Here’s What Kind of Girlfriend You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

#7 Libra: The Role Model Type

Libra women are romantic, idealistic and peaceful. You are the kind of girlfriend that other girlfriends look up to. You are strong-willed and courageous, but you also never talk bad about anyone. Your SO loves how you stick with your ideals and values. You also know how to plan the perfect date night because you are great at understanding what your SO wants. Although you know what you want in life, you make sure to always take your partner’s opinion into mind.

#8 Scorpio: The One of a Kind Type

Scorpio women are determined, powerful and magnetic. With this, you are the kind of girlfriend that is absolutely unforgettable. Whether it’s the amazing sex, or how intense you are, your SO is magnetically attracted to you. Your personality is strong and you push others to get to know themselves better. You treat your SO like they are the most important person in the world, every single day, while still staying true to who you are. The most famous Scorpio is Blair Waldorf and it makes complete sense as to why Chuck Bass can never get enough of her. She is strong and sexy, yet always loves with her entire heart.

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