Here’s What Kind of Girlfriend You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

#3 Gemini: The Summer Love Type

Gemini women are known for being flexible, passionate and versatile. Because of this, you are the fall hard and fast kind of girlfriend. When you meet someone new, you automatically understand what you are feeling and you are not shy about it. Your passion comes through in wanting to create a life with your partner, even if you just met them. You have the ability to see the potential in everyone you meet. As well, no week is ever the same with you. Whether it’s changing up your date routine or weekend adventures, everything is constantly changing, which makes you incredibly fun to be around.

#4 Cancer: The Always There Type

Cancer women are, more often than not, emotional, caring and imaginative. You are the kind of girlfriend that is extremely loving and supportiveno matter what. You have the ability to feel so deeply about your partner and you are always finding new ways to show your SO just how much you truly care. If your SO is having a hard day, you automatically cancel whatever plans you had to make time to help them feel better. You are the best friend and girlfriend all in one.

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