Here’s What Kind of Girlfriend You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you’ve been in one relationship or ten, you’ve probably noticed a few similarities between how you treat your SO. Or maybe you haven’t been in any and you want to understand what type of girlfriend you are. Well, wait no more! scroll down to figure out exactly what kind of girlfriend you are based on your zodiac sign

#1 Aries: The Spontaneous Type

If you are an Aries, it is highly likely that you are creative, adaptive and insightful. Because of this, you are probably an adventurous girlfriend. You are always ready to try new things and get creative with date nights. There is nothing that scares you in a relationship because you can easily adapt to every situation. Out of all of your friends, you are probably the one most likely to plan a spontaneous weekend getaway with your SO just to show them how much you care. To you, there is no plan that can’t be changed to be made better.

#2 Taurus: The Forever Type

As a Taurus woman, you are patient, reliable and extremely loving. Because of these traits, you make the perfect long-term girlfriend. When you are in a relationship, you put your whole heart and soul into it and it shows. When you make a promise, you always follow through. If you and your SO get into a fight, you make your point and then let it go. Erica Kent, a Taurus from New York University, says that she has been with her boyfriend for over three years and that it mainly has to do with the fact that “whenever we argue, we know how to let it go. I prove my point and then once it’s done, it’s done. There is no point in staying angry.” There is no use holding grudges and to you, love is more important than winning.

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