Hairstylist Horror Stories: 10 Tales That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Hairdressers have a pretty sweet gig most of the time. They get to do something that they love doing, where they get to chit chat with customers, and make people feel beautiful with fabulous new cuts. But, as with every job, there are the downsides. For hairdressers, the downside is the occasional unbearable client. From poor hygiene, to infestations, to tangles so intense it seems like an animal might live in there, hairdressers see it all. Sometimes, it’s nothing a simple shampoo can’t fix. But, sometimes, it’s just downright disgusting, and probably against multiple health codes.

Take A Look.


“As someone who used to be a hairstylist, please scrub behind your ears! More people than you think forget to clean the crease behind their ears and have yellow/white/sometimes green gunk in the fold behind their ears! It’s really nasty and smells.” – pcbzelephant


“One time a woman brought her 8-year-old daughter in to get her hair done. The mother [wasn’t very nice] but that little girl was the sweetest most polite little girl we’ve ever had. Unfortunately, it’s like the mom never took care of her hair! That poor little girl’s hair was so dirty and tangled it took three or four people working on her hair for almost three hours to get it untangled and clean enough to run a brush through it… I’ll never forget that sweet little girl and how thankful she was for her pretty hair.” – leavingNYCtoday

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