9 Identifying Signs of Hypersexual Disorder

Hypersexual disorder is an addiction where the victim has no control over their sexual desires. Just like an alcoholic craves his drink, a sex addict craves sex. These people usually do not feel any form of connection with their partner and when the act is over they tend to feel lonely. This is a disorder that progresses in time. In the beginning, it seems to be harmless. But, the scariest part of this is that it can lead to rape. So, sex addicts do not only harm themselves, but also others surrounding them. Sexual disorders are more than just an unusual sex drive. They are an actual disorder that has its own causes and that needs treatment.


This is why it is very important that we know all the signs and symptoms, so we can help the ones who are suffering from it. Anyways, there are several signs that that show that a person might be suffering from a hypersexual disorder.


They are masturbating too much. It is not a secret that everyone masturbates. But, when it comes to these people they overdo it. Someone who is addicted to sex will masturbate anytime, especially when they are having phone sex or watching porn. Masturbating too much is unhealthy and a characteristic of people who suffer from sex addiction.



Their life is revolved around sex. All these people think about is when they are going to have their next sex. Whatever they say or do is related to sex. Sex eventually become their life. If you notice that someone is having these problems, then they are most probably sex addicts.

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