8 Differences Between Genuine And Fake People

Imperfection vs. Perfection: Genuine people are always looking to learn new lessons from others. They are also very gracious and admirable to people. They know that they’re not perfect and will thank someone anytime they learn something from them. Fake people will go out of their way to be critical in any situation. They will constantly be looking for mistakes people make and will criticize them for it. They feel accomplished when they are able to spot mistakes.

No Ulterior Motives vs. Ulterior Motives:  When someone with a genuine personality helps you, it’s because they want to. They don’t need any recognition or any praise, they want to make sure that you’re happy and safe. Fake people have that “I scratch your back you scratch mine” type of mentality. If they help you, they want something in return. If they sense that there is no reciprocation, they won’t lift a finger.

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