8 Differences Between Genuine And Fake People

Surrounding yourself with people that have good values, a strong head on their shoulders and are loyal to a fault is essential for moving forward in life. But you have to ask yourself this question: are they actually the person they portray themselves to be?

You have to be on high alert when deciding to trust people; it is very easy to get hurt. But it can be difficult to sniff out those who are truly genuine and those who are fake. Someone who has a hidden agenda will do everything in their power to bring you into their fairy tale, which in this case would be their personality.

With that said, here are some helpful hints that could help you separate a fake person from a genuine one.

Respectful vs. Condescending: Someone who has a genuine personality will do everything in their power to respect everything and anyone. They take a person’s feelings into consideration and will do everything in their power to make someone feel comfortable no matter the situation. Someone who has a fake personality will only respect those who are in power because they always want to gain something out of any situation, so if they have to put on some acting skills to get what they want, they will.

Seek No Recognition vs. Needing Recognition: When it comes to making someone happy, a genuine individual will never go out of their way to get recognition; all they want is for the person to be happy. Sometimes they will keep their actions hidden. Fake people are the total opposite. They will do everything in their power to help you and tell everyone about it because they want to be seen as the favorite and they want everyone to know it.

Hidden vs. Spotlight: Spending time alone can do wonders for the mind, and genuine people understand that. They have no problem staying in their comfort zone, even if they mean spending hours alone. People around them respect and understand their decision and will often follow their lead at times. Fake people are the total opposite. They crave attention and will do whatever they need to stay in the spotlight because they believe that the world revolves around them.

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