23 Things You Should Never Ask Your Man If You Want a Blissful Relationship

Having a lovey-dovey boyfriend and seeing a successful relationship with him in the long term is like a fairy-tale ending for every girl. A perfect relationship calls for the two partners to live together as best friends; being direct and unreserved with each other and enjoying life blissfully. However, this quintessential relationship gets tainted once you surpass the territory of your partner’s personal space. The causal nagging and bombarding your boyfriend with silly questions is fun and games only for a short while. A disastrous fight awaits your relationship, if you do not quit pouring awkward and silly questions for him.

To allow your relationship to blossom continuously, girls should pay heed to these following topics and never bring them up with their better half, else they will end up with a pissed boyfriend.

23. The Extent of your love

Over decades, girls have been trying to figure out the answer to this clichéd question; how much do their boyfriends love them? What these girls fail to decipher is that their man might love them unconditionally, yet he can never quote a solid answer or a % figure to curb their curiosity.

22. Leaving the world for you

NEVER ask your man if he can leave his passions and worldly desires for you. Your long term fantasies with him will cease to exist as soon as you will utter this question. Women and girls need to realize that they can never be a substitute of their partner’s habits and passions. He will love and appreciate you when you will portray reciprocated love for his passions and desires. Asking him to abandon his habits will make him feel like he is bounded with shackles.

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