21 Utterly Incredible Photographs Untouched by Photoshop

Our world is beautiful — you just need to be able to comprehend its beauty. Luckily, thanks to the efforts of photographers from all over the world, we have regular opportunities to feast our eyes on unusual, fascinating and inspiring images, the true value of which lies in their completely unedited and uncorrupted nature.

We at Bright Side never cease to be amazed at how uniquely incredible our planet is. To prove this hugely important truth to you, we’ve collected a few more completely unedited photographs for you to enjoy.

A truly outlandish coastline, Great Britain.

An autumn forest — it seems nature has only downloaded its new look by 50%!

A frozen fence makes for the perfect ice sculpture.

An unforgettable view from below. Times Square, New York, USA.

A motorway in the Netherlands.

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