20 Ways You Can Say “I Love You” Without Saying a Word

Love is arguably the strongest feeling a person can feel, but everyone has a different way of communicating those feelings. It often happens that we are so desperate to hear those three words from someone that we completely ignore the signs. People can share their love with each other with a lot of different ways without saying ‘I Love You.’ Here are 20 wordless ways people express their love, so watch out for them or try to use them yourself.

1. Moving your shoulders!

Your shoulders are one of the most expressive parts of your body. They’re pretty good at expressing your feelings and can convey the message of love with a simple shrug.

This is because shoulders have a nice round shape and very smooth skin. They also have a number of ways in which they move, including shrugging, rolling and lifting. The science behind it is that the shoulders are parts of the body that are reliant on visceral nerves. These nerves sense emotions. It is also true that rolling your shoulders is a sign of affection.

So, the next time you want to tell whether someone might be feeling funny about you, notice the movement of their shoulders!

2. “Isopraxism”

Have you ever noticed someone mirroring your actions? For example, when you’re on a date with someone and peacefully sipping away on your coffee, they try and copy your behavior? Anthropologists have given the name “Isopraxism” to this behavior. It basically means ‘same behavior’ in Greek.

When in love, people tend to do this unconsciously. This attribute displays no hostility and promotes the formation of a strong bond. The more you are similar to each other, the more attracted you’ll be. Copying one another’s actions is a surefire way of telling someone you love them without actually saying it.

3. Reducing distance.

If someone loves you, they will try their utmost to reduce the physical distance between the two of you and stay as close as can be.
This is a prominent way in which our bodies speak the language of love. When in love, the urge to be close to your loved one is too overpowering. It doesn’t go away until you are close to them. We always want to be closer to the person we love. If someone is keeping minimal distance between you and themselves, then it is quite an obvious sign that they are trying to convey something.

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