17 Year Old Boy Makes Fun Of 8 Celebrities In An Epic Way. What Did He Do To Selena Gomez?!

Ah celebrities, you just can’t get enough of them. No matter how respectable they are or how high regard you place them in, there’s no denying how entertaining they are even when they’re just out there living their lives. One thing’s for certain though, no matter how old you are or how successful they may be, you’ll definitely take a shot at making a joke or two about them. This kid takes that to a whole new level!

Who is he?

Waverider is a 17-year-old who took the social networks and works his way to make fun of some of the hottest celebrities, turning their images into hilarious jokes. It takes a certain bit of talent to actually put such creativity into it!

Making it big!

Well, there’s no denying his awesomeness when it comes to celebrities, it’s an art to see the jokes in perfectly normal pictures. One thing’s for sure, no one’s going to be looking at these celebrities the same way for a long time!

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