17 Phrases That Make a Guy Fall for You

We all have one way or another to express our love and make someone feel more attracted to us. Phrases are mostly just meant to communicate but there some that hit right in that sweet spot and make anyone fall for you.

It is usually the guys that try their best to make girls fall in love with them, writing them long notes, sending them love letters, constantly sending them text messages and what not. But why shouldn’t girls do it too? Girls have a charm that is absolutely irresistible for guys.

Here are some phrases that girls can use to make a guy fall for them if used the right way.

1. “It always feels like I’m in heaven when you’re around.”

When you are with your man, you really feel that you are in a beautiful place. Saying this will let your partner know how much good you feel when you are with them. Letting him know that he makes you feel that you both are in a heaven of your own will increase his attraction towards you. He might feel the same about you too and open his feelings towards you.

2. “You can light up my world like no one can”

It often happens that you just do not feel that spark with someone, you are living a boring life with no inspiration until you find that special person. He suddenly lights up all the dark, dull things in your life and makes you feel pretty good. Let him know that he is your knight in the shining armor that brightened up your life and mood. He will be really happy to hear that from you.

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