15 Signs He’s Using You Again

No one desires to feel being used in a relationship as it gives a sinking feeling that would eventually lead to a sad end of an abusive relationship. In case a woman finds she’s primarily being used, it can be more lamentable than being rejected since she put tremendous effort into what she thought was a genuine relationship. There are stacks of reasons that men use women for, yet it normally just tumbles down to just a single: He’s only interested in her body rather than her brain. While diverse issues may turn into a necessary factor (he’s socially hindered, he’s overseeing “with some generous crap” in his life, other flat reasons), it for the most part just descends to what’s going on in the room.

Here are 15 entirely apparent signs that he’s only using you.

Ah! so there is no better feeling than to see your guy’s text first thing in the morning. If he is wishing you a great day ahead then that is a clear indication that he cares about you and the relationship is a serious one. However, if you are getting a random text from him late night or in the middle of the evening then clearly you are just an item for him. If he is texting you when it is convenient for him indicates a fracture in the relationship. If he regularly texts you late-night then you need to sit and have a chat with him to understand where the relationship is heading. If he wants to know whether you are up late at night or early in the morning shows that he thinks about you. Which is a good sign in a healthy relationship.

Gracious beyond any doubt, when YOU’RE smashed at two in the morning, he’ll answer your instant messages at that point, however when it’s late morning, and you give him a “How goes it with you?” and he doesn’t try to reply (despite the fact that it obviously articulates “Recite, 1:29 pm” in the recited receipt), you should seemingly cut your adversities. What’s more, quick. On the off chance that he’s ordinarily disregarding your instant messages for quite a long time (and I mean days, not hours. Hello, a few people have lives) he’s keeping away from you on purpose. What’s more, that reason is? HE’S USING YOU, DUMMY. By chance, if a man intrigued by you outside of the physical, he’ll make a special effort to answer you back AND be the first to content you amid the daytime hours. Indeed, he may rationalize the primary couple of times he does it, yet those reasons will simply raise as time creeps by.

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