15 Pictures That Expose Female Logic

Women use their own mixture of logic and intuition to make decisions in their life. People try to make sense of a woman’s logic but there is just no way to explain it. When women make decisions in their life regarding relationships, and their careers, their methods may seem unconventional but in the end they usually come to conclusions that are right for them. So instead of trying to figure them out, trust what they are going to do, watch their logic unfold and use some of these photos as insight into a womans mind.


When women make a decision, sometimes they don’t consider the consequences of their choice until it is too late. More often than not this has to do with relationships and not considering the pros and cons of their partner. Well karma often comes into play.

Flaunt What You Got

When a woman is going to post a picture on the internet, she considers what is going to be the most appealing for her audience. Often she takes into account if the photo flatters her assets. If her body looks good, she knows she is going to get a lot of likes, thats real logic.

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