15 Photoshop Battles That Changed Everything

On the internet, you can find all sorts of content but it’s photos and videos that are more common and most popular. You can find all sorts of phots; disgusting, heartwarming, just plain creepy, cringey, and those hilarious gold nuggets. Every now and then you even get something useful or informative. The internet has progressed to a point where we are asking ourselves “real or fake” at just about every image we’ve. We are in the age of photoshop, and this tool can be used for anything from misleading to communicating hilarious ‘what if?’ scenarios.

Kung-Fu Cat

Cat pictures and videos must make up about half of the internet and there’s a good reason why. There is something hilarious about cats, it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what it is but the things they do are ridiculous. This started as a cat standing on its hind paws and mouth open.

Jedi Cat

What started as an innocent cat in an awkward position has become a kung-fu master and now a jedi master too with just some simply background photoshops. The result is hilarious! It’s the cat’s expression that sells it but his body position lines up perfectly too.

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