15 Hilarious Pictures Showing Life Before Marriage Vs Life After Marriage

Newlywed couples don’t exactly anticipate the kind of changes that usually follow after their marriage. The love, attraction and appreciation they had for each other usually begins to waver after some time it seems. Affectionate feelings which they took for granted quickly spillover into bitterness and hatred. The mere thought of spending the same day (much less night) makes them shudder, here are 15 hilarious pictures showcasing this dramatic change.

Fat transfer.

He happily holds her entire weight on top of his frail body and can barely contain his beaming smile. His soon to be wife equally excited. 5 years later, the guy can barely keep himself upright on account of her burgeoning weight. She is still excited.

She used to diet before marriage

Before meeting the love of her life, she used to be extremely conscious about her weight. She would diligently schedule and ration her food. Fast forward a couple of years into the marriage and she couldn’t care less.

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