15 Dumb Things Guys Do When Nobody Is Around

We’ve all got things that we hide from the general public, especially when it comes to natural habits or strange bedroom rituals that we hold near and dear to our hearts. A lot of us practice or do things in our lonesome in order to acquire a new hidden skill or talent to attract the masses. Regardless, we all have some things we keep to ourselves and wish for the world to never reveal some of our most coveted secrets. With that being said, it’s time to reveal some of those trifling and dumb secrets we’ve all been hiding from our significant others, friends, colleagues, and family members fellas. Check out all fifteen below.

Cry Like A Baby

Yeah, this is an unnecessary habit of a majority of men out there. We tend to hide our tears in order to armor our egos and hopefully not seem less than, in the presence of our girlfriends, spouses, and friends. For those of you who have no problem letting the floodgates open for the waterworks in front of the masses, more power to you.

Embodying Chef Boyardee

A lot of men tend to get very experimental in the kitchen, especially if no one is around. Since a lot of us aren’t that skilled in the kitchen we try out some of our craziest homemade remedies and hope it turns out edible. Every 1 out of 20 homemade recipes become a staple of ours and we even share these experimental bubbling concoctions with others in confidence.

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