15 Disturbing Illustrations Slapping The Illogical Modern Society On Face

The rules society passes down onto us without our knowing, until we are old enough for them to be engrained in us, do have a function. They develop basic morals such as murder and stealing are bad and look out for your family and friends. However, they are a long way from perfect. It’s said that variety is the spice of life and if societies rules are unquestionably enforced relentlessly we end up over-homogenised. It’s worth questioning societies rules because there are some serious double standards out there.

Equality, Not Revenge

Feminism is unquestionably a wonderful thing. We can not call our country the great land of freedom if we are treating some of our people differently to others. Equality is the starting point of freedom. However evening the score should not be the goal because it distracts from equality.

Attitudes to Dating Out of Your League

We’ve all seen that fat guy walking down the street with a girl that looks like she should be walking down a runway and had the thought of “Woah, that guy’s done well”. But if we see an overweight girl with a handsome guy it’s “what is he thinking?!”.

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