13 Things He Wants You to Wear to Bed

Night wear is important. After spending an entire day in work clothes or active gear all you want at the end of the day is to slip into your most comfiest outfit and lounge lazily about the house. Girls feel completely fine looking shabby at home in their threadbare sleepwear when there is no one around. Let’s admit it once and for all, the more threadbare and worn down it is the better and comfy it feels.

But what should you wear once you are in a relationship? When he’s coming over to spend the night or you two have started living together, you want to dress and look sexy to keep up your image but you also want to be comfortable. Think no more. Guys have all the answers this time and tell us all about what they like their girls to wear to bed:

9. Pajamas

“When we first started going out she would wear sexy lingerie and bra and panty sets to bed. When we moved in she slowly shifted to wearing pajamas and the first time she did, she asked me if I liked them. I told her she looked just as lovely. Comfort comes first.”

Blaine, 29.

8. My T-shirt

“I am at least 6 sizes larger than my fiancé and I absolutely love it when she grabs one of my T shirts to wear to bed. To me she looks effortlessly sexy when she does that.”

Tay, 28.

7. Romper

“I saw her wearing one of those things where the entire garment is just one overall. But with shorts. She called it a romper. I think she looked adorable wearing that. Sure taking that off could be a bit of a hassle when things take a turn in the morning or before bed at night but I am always up for a challenge.”

Adam, 30.

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