Here Are 12 Signs You Are Dating A Girl, Not A Woman

1: A Woman Does Not Play Games

A girl’s checklist may have superficial qualities which she would give great importance to while choosing a guy, while woman understands that these benchmarks are not what she needs to see in you. As this criterion is not important to her. A girl’s checklist may include things like sexy body, tall, dark and handsome, popular, rich and the-bad-boy. While a woman would seek things like kindness, independence, integrity, and emotional availability

2: A Woman Will Not Have A Checklist

A woman is rational enough to realize that every individual has different traits, has a different mindset with a different belief system and the way he deals with his life. So one cannot be compared to another and one person cannot be expected to fall into the same category. Figuring out a person and accepting their individuality is a beauty in itself.

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