A romantic relationship is a rather complicated thing. Some people think that everything is rather easy and it’s enough just to find a special person and fall in love. However, those who are already trying to build relationship with their loved ones will prove, that it’s a hard work which demands a lot of love, patience, and effort.

As a rule, women are more emotional than men. They constantly miss their loved ones and want to get a lot of attention from them. That’s why very often women think that their men don’t love and don’t miss them.

Although it’s not entirely true, we are going to help you manage this problem. Today, we are suggesting you ten simple ways that will make your man miss you. Try at least one of them and you won’t wait long for the results!

#1 Deliberately leave things behind

To make him miss you, you should leave your things in his house or car. You can leave a note or an earring. When he sees these tiny things, he will think of you and time you’ve spent together again and again.

#2 Personal space is important

If he sees you too often, he won’t miss you. That’s why you should give him personal space. You should get some hobbies. So attend some language classes or yoga lessons, go shopping with your friends or something like that. Let him miss you, while you are getting better.

#3 Make him wait

You shouldn’t answer his calls and messages immediately. Well, it doesn’t mean that you should wait for hours before replying. But it will be OK to wait for a couple of minutes before sending him text back. In this way you’ll make him miss and think of you.

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