10 Signs She’s Totally in the Mood

#9 Eyes roll back.

If you’re kissing her, and you see her head tilt to the side with her eyes rolling back, she’s completely in the moment. This is also a common sign when the girl is about to orgasm, so it can be seen in both low and high levels of arousal. This one is a harder sign to notice because usually, you’re busy kissing her and having sex. But if you notice this, you’ll see how much she’s enjoying it.

#10 Sensitivity.

When women are aroused, everything heightens insensitivity. The clitoris swells, the breasts and general skin on her body become highly sensitive. If you’re kissing her neck and she’s moaning, well, you know why. Many men during sex suck the woman’s nipples due to their sensitivity. It feels great.

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