10 Signs She’s Totally in the Mood

#7 She looks at your lips.

When a girl wants to taste your lips, she’ll stare at them. That’s a strong indication she’s interested in you and is sexually aroused. Now, this could mean she either has low or high arousal levels going on, you’ll just have to continue and see how it goes. What a hard thing to do. So, if she’s staring at your lips like they’re candy, kiss her.

#8 She dresses up.

If you’re used to seeing your girlfriend in sweatpants and all of a sudden she’s wearing tight jeans and a cleavage-revealing shirt, well, she’s flaunting her goodies out. Of course, it makes her feel good when she feels sexy, but she also wants you to notice how hot she’s looking. So, don’t just keep your eyes glued to the TV. This is a clear sign she’s feeling sexy and most likely aroused.

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