10 Signs She’s Totally in the Mood

#5 Arching of the back and neck.

You probably didn’t think of this, but usually, when women are aroused, they tend to arch their backs and throw their heads back. You’ve probably noticed this if you’ve done a doggy style or if you’ve fingered her. This is a sign she’s highly aroused and whatever you’re doing right now, keep at it.

#6 Wetness.

When you think of the word ‘horny,’ the second thing to come to your mind is ‘wet.’ It’s like two peas in a pod. This is a hard one to figure out if she’s dressed. If she’s basically naked in front of you by this point, she’s most likely wet. When a woman is wet, she’s highly aroused, and it’s an indication that her vagina is preparing for penetration. Now, don’t think she has to have a floodgate going on down there. Remember, every woman is different so some may have a lot of discharge while others may have less.

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