10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want to Mess With

Guard dogs are a special breed of dogs, bred for the sole purpose of protecting the people they love from the dangers of the outside world. For the last several years, the most common animal that people rely on for the safety of both their belongings and their family are guard dogs. However, the best guard dogs are not necessarily the ones that can bark the loudest or bite the hardest. There are other factors that come into account when looking for the perfect guard dog. While some dogs are better equipped physically to be a guard dog, other traits also come into play when picking the ideal guard dog to meet all your needs.

Guard dogs need to have a high level of intelligence along with an unwavering sense of loyalty and unconditional love. Moreover, they need to be easy to train or their protection instincts may go haywire and they might go overboard in trying to protect their owner, seriously harming someone’s health in the process. The best guard dogs are often those that also make great family dogs. The balance between family and the outside, means that they are well socialized and integrated into a loving environment, making them easy to train and more obedient. When in the market for a good guard dog, there are some breeds that possess the traits that are valuable in a great guard dog.

Here are some breeds that you should definitely consider:

10: Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is a breed known to be extremely loyal and brave, both traits that come in handy when looking for a good guard dog. They were originally bred by gamekeepers to protect their game from poachers. On account of their looming size, this breed of dogs is very intimidating to intruders. However, they remain very affectionate towards their family, making them an excellent companion. The Bullmastiff is not only a good guard dog, but is very active and good in tracking, carting and even therapy work, making it a great all-rounder.

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