10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want to Mess With

4. Chinese Sharpei

While the outward appearance of the Chinese Sharpei, with all those wrinkles, might make it look all cute and cuddly but it should not be taken lightly. The Chinese Sharpei demands to be considered a serious protection dog that is well equipped to guard families. They were originally bred to be farm dogs with the job of securing farm parameters and act as a watchdog, all while protecting the flocks and eliminating threats. Even today the Chinese Sharpei has an innate desire to protect its owners and disallows strangers from entering into their homes.

3. Doberman

The Doberman breed is known to be a great dog not only in terms of being a family dog, but also a great military and guard dog. They are extremely energetic and alert, detecting threats as soon as they present themselves. They are also very loyal and obedient, making them relatively easy to train.

The Doberman can easily be considered a family dog rather than just a guard dog. They forge a strong bond with their family, making it their sole purpose to protect you. However, consistent training sessions and proper socialization is a must for a healthy Doberman. The good news is that Dobermans are very easy to train.

The Doberman is not a shy dog at all and pounce to action in the event of an intruder attack. Their barking is known to be very intimidating, sending most people off even before they had a chance to enter into the Doberman’s territory. However, if the intruder does not leave, the Doberman will not hesitate in getting physical. At the same time, the Doberman shows great respect for its owners and would step back the moment the owner ordered him to.

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