10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want to Mess With

8. Akita

The Akita is notorious for being a hard breed to raise, however, a well-trained Akita can be a great companion, as well as an effective guard dog. Large in size, this breed is known to be not only alert and brave, but also very loyal. They not only make amazing guard dogs, but are also good family dogs who are very well behaved with family, rarely barking without reason.

They are also very suspicious of strangers, and show no hesitation in taking action against a threat. However, at their owner’s command, they would be happy to welcome guests into the house.

7. Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherd is breed of dogs that has been bred for over a millennia with the sole purpose of guarding livestock. Unlike other herding dogs, the Anatolian Shepherd does not herd the sheep, rather it guards them, keeping away all threats. It is known to be a hard worker that is very loyal to its owner. While a ferocious guard, the Anatolian Shepherd is a great dog for families and can happily integrate in a home environment.

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